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Freedom Verses

Disguised Aristocracy What they revered yesterday The same they fear today Their’s aristocracy in disguise Marxist philosophy they now dispise.   Class in the kremlin K.G.B. at the helm Brute force without feelin’ Make many a wailin’.   The peasant’s plight Not within sight Made to grow wheat Under the oppressor’s iron feet.

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Kaleidoscope of Values.

As long as you do not reason along with the present day generations of Nigerians, they sever all moral or ethical obligations (not that they necessary exercise these obligations towards one another) towards you or your well being The Nigerian does not wish to adapt himself to changing situations and conditions (without necessarily changing with …

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Moral Stranglehold

Islam has however retained its strait jacket and moral strangle hold on present day moslems because it still maintains a law enforcement arm – its Sharia courts even in so called secular states like Nigeria; and in extreme Islamic fundamentalist states in the Middle East which has powers ranging from the gruesome mutilation of the …

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Freedom Verses

Stick it your Ass Stick your certificate up your ass Open your bondage gate, I wanna pass No paper’ll state my worth My deeds come from my thought.   Been too busy earning a living Never knowing how to live.   My teacher shall be the Sioux I’ll live with nature too My neighbour shall …

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The Soul Mates

Janet was highly disappointed when she learnt that her unwholesome efforts at match making had hit the rocks. She knew from experience that nothing could destabilize a man both spiritually and psychologically like being married to the wrong woman. That was why she tried to set Nnanna up with a woman of questionable character. Janet …

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Nnanna woke up suddenly and found Chioma beside him with her body pressed against his, and her hands around him. His body had jerked backwards as he woke up but his back hit against the chair he was sitting on. As a result he could not consciously pull away from Chioma’s embrace. Chioma’s company often …

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