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Freedom Verses.

First Degree Robbery Do they work against crime Or just behind the times Never working without a fee Robbery in the first degree.   The case’ve been hyped Argued a green banana was ripe Chike’s lawyer alone could redeem His words are evidence against him.

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The Bane of Religionists.

The bane of religionists like Christians, Muslims, etc. is that they have dogmatically made the images and icons of their spiritual masters their object of worship thus casting a dark shadow on the seed of life within each of them and preventing that seed of life from sprouting, growing, maturing and bearing fruits of the …

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Nnanna crossed the road amidst the noisy traffic along the street where Ras Bingy lived. Then, he hurriedly walked up the stairs to the door that led to the Jah man’s apartment. He opened the door and saw Ras Bingy sitting on his throne with an almost finished wrap of ganja. “Iree”! Nnanna greeted. Ras …

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The ancient black African was a savage and cave man instinctively, while the ‘modern black African is at best a savage and cave man mentally. The ancient black African was independent mentally but was physically colonized, while the ‘modern black African has been granted independence physically but has been mentally colonized.

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Westernized Tribesmen.

You look into these “modern”, these contemporary Nigerians and Black Africans-with their “education”, wealth and high positions in “society” and government, and you see them for what they are  – Westernized tribes-men, modern cave men, and stone -aged men living in the space age. It is amazing that in the present age with its inherited …

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The Soul Mates.

Janet knew that Nnanna had an unyielding spirit and an unbending will so she planned to keep him in the psychiatric hospital until his resilience would eventually exceed its yield point and reach its breaking point. In that way, Nnanna would be destroyed both emotionally and psychologically. But then, Ras Bingy had the psychological insight …

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