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Welcome to yourfreedomkey.com. Its a website built by Anayo Ani who is a Reggae singer, poet and philosopher with written books and recorded audio and video CDs.

The site seeks to use the spoken and written word as well as sound and images to create awareness on events taking place both within and around the individual’s environment; and educate him (or her) so that he can grow in self and social awareness, raise and expand his consciousness, become emotionally stable through self control, develop self knowledge that will enable him to rise above his circumstances and free his mind from his senses and ego.

For it is only when a man has freed himself from himself and his society that he can build the moral, intellectual and spiritual clout that can break down selfish, religious, ethnic, racial, political, ideological and other man made barriers across humanity; so that mankind can bridge every divide and reach out to one another in a universal brotherhood of man. Only then can he practicalise the central theme of Ananyo’s message of freedom: educate the people and they will liberate themselves.


Our Mission

  1. a) To Encourage youths to look inwards, discover and awaken the dormant potentials within them; develop them so that they can become conscious, positive and creative.
  2. b) To encourage people of African descent (both at home and in the diaspora) to embrace black consciousness so that they can become aware of their past history and culture. This gives them a sense of dignity and an ideological basis for unity; thus enabling Africans in the diaspora to solve their root problem. Black consciousness would also enable Africans at home to stop shying away from their African culture, but to embrace it, make it dynamic and universally relevant so that their African identity and self-image can withstand the cultural imperialism of the American and western Europeans.
  3. c) To seek an exchange of information and experiences both from within and without, as they touch and affects us all.

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