About Us

Born at Zonkwa , Kaduna State, but hails from Ngwo in Enugu-North L.G.A of Enugu State of Nigeria.

I returned to Enugu at the age of four to begin Nursery school at Sancta Maria Primary School, which is presently, called Zik Avenue Primary School, Uwani Enugu.After Nursery school, I went ahead to attend primary school at the same school. My secondary school was at the College of the Immaculate Conception (C.I.C.), Uwani Enugu. I also attended Christ High School, Abor.

In the early eighties, I left Nigeria for the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A where I got a B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)

It was after I had begun to experience racial prejudice in America that I began to understand and appreciate the true meaning of the massage in Bob Marley’s songs. Bob Marley thus became my first true hero and role model.

From there, I became immersed in Black consciousness and the Black Nationalist teachings and philosophies of’ Malcolm X and Marcus Garrey. As well as the culture of’ the aboriginal American Sioux, in their quest to live in harmony with the forces of’ nature. While at the university I had room-mates from at least eleven different countries across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. But my two-week stay with a Greek room­-mate named Tamboras who was an exhippie, and world rated non-professional tennis player broadened both my horizon and perspective as well as revolutionalized my life. He was the one who introduced me to the appreciation of rock music, and my rock idols like Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.

Although rock music served as the gate way to my under­ standing or white culture and the psychology of the Western mind, the existential philosophies of Henry Thoreau and Friedrich Nietzshe, as well as the esoteric and exoteric teachings of the Buddha enabled me to cultivate a universal mind.

After graduation I began to become less fascinated with the trappings of Western modernity and finally decided to come back home to Nigeria. But back home the prevailing circumstances: declining economy, unemployment, cronic corruption, a social set-up that lacks class, religious confusion and spiritual blindness (to name but a few), made it possible for me to face reality.

For in the West there is awareness, but it is difficult for one to face reality, due to the presence of’ so many distractions – drugs, compulsive sex, escapist music, televi­sion and its almighty video machine, work-a-holism, etc. In Nigeria there is very little awareness, but reality often stares one in the face. All these have made it possible for me to become very self-disciplined and more realistic in my approach to life.

Presently, I have evolved a profound self’ discovery, and unity of understanding which I am giving expression through music, random reflections, as well as poetry and prose.


My earliest recollection of receiving the inspiration to write songs was during my secondary school days.