Keeping the Biafran Hope Alive.

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Nnamdi Kanu who is a survivor of “operation python dance” during which trigger happy soldiers were reported to have invaded his home and had earlier been remanded in prison custody by the Nigerian government personifies the anger, frustrations and will to power of activists agitating for the actualization of Biafra. He resurrected the Biafran cause and has kept the Biafran hope alive. IPOB has however remained silent on issues like the contradiction arising from claiming to agitate for the freedom of people who willingly participate in elections organized and conducted by a government that marginalizes them and denies them self-rule; to elect their representatives at all tiers of government. IPOB has also remained silent on issues like the composition of leaders that would govern a sovereign State of Biafra, the actual geographical boundaries of Biafra and social incoherence of the Igbos resulting in disunity of purpose due to conflicting selfish interests that are inimical to the collective interest: Would Biafra be a mere geographical entity i.e. a geographical space existing without the group character of the people occupying it? As the old saying goes, “if you are putting the devil on trial, you don’t go to heaven to get your witnesses”; if you actualize Biafra would you go to America or Europe to get her rulers? There is a pertinent saying that, “if you do not want to die for freedom what are you living for”? The Igbo masses are sitting on the fence, watching the cat and mouse face-off between armed Nigerian security agents and pro Biafran activists that are usually unarmed Any cause worth living for is worth dying for but as far as the Igbos are concerned, Biafra has become a cause worth living for but not worth fighting for or dying for.  Igbos should put their house in order before seriously agitating for the actualization of Biafra, otherwise there would be a power vacuum resulting in a power tussle by power hungry elements if Biafran sovereignty is contrary to common sense granted on a platter of gold. Biafra would be ruled by a devil with a tail who would probably be worse than the ones that have been ruling Nigeria. Social injustice would prevail regardless of which of the renegade groups that would insinuate themselves into or seize power.


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