The Hydra Headed White Imperialism

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Africans are no longer physically colonized but they are still mentally colonized. The inability of many African countries to manage their affairs and resources can be traced to the aftermath of colonization during which: firstly, Africans that were introduced to Western education were trained in menial and clerical capacities intended to subject them to perpetual servitude rather than in managerial and leadership capacities that would have built the capacity that would have enabled them to acquire the leadership qualities and managerial skills that would have enabled them to manage their own affairs and resources efficiently, after the colonial era. Consequently, after “independence”, African “leaders” moved from the boy’s quarters into the main building and from the warehouse into the board room, leaving a gap characterized by gross incompetence and misconduct, poor leadership qualities, global ignorance, etc. that is yet to be filled. Secondly, the Western colonialists pitched parochially minded ethnic leaders who placed selfish ambitions and parochial tribal interests above national interests, against one another and organized divisive elections for them that polarized the masses along tribal lines before handing over their respective governments to them. Africa has however produced a few post-colonial and post-apartheid inspirational leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Jerry Rawlings, Thomas Sankara, Muritala Muhammed as well as Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Frederick De Clerk and the immortal Nelson Mandela whose influence, admiration and acceptance cut across ethnic and racial loyalties.


Africans are presently in an era of neo colonialism. American and many Western countries have continued to undermine the development of African countries by covertly or overtly installing and pulling the strings of ruthless, corrupt and selfish African rulers whose blind, deaf and dumb governments that have no vision for their people, do not listen to the voice of reason or hear the yearning of their people have continued to dehumanize, impoverish and siphon their people’s wealth into American and Western European banks with impunity. For instance, the American government of John F. Kennedy was blamed for hiring an international murderer named Tshombe to assassinate Congo’s Patrice Lumumba. Western imperialism is thus hydra-headed, slavery was cut off and colonization sprang out. Colonization was cut off and neo colonialism has sprung forth. Globalization is in a dilemma: if African countries (who have most of the world’s mineral deposits) become industrialized, American, European and Asian countries (who mostly depend on Africa’s mineral deposits) will have little to sustain their industries and will find it difficult to remain industrialized. But then, rightly has it been said that “conscience is an open wound which only the truth can heal”. In matters of truth no one can sit on the fence. Truth is a potent force that compels everyone to take sides. During slavery days in America, John Brown and Henry David Thoreau listened to their consciences, took sides with the truth, condemned the enslavement of people of African descent by their own kind (fellow whites), stood up for the truth, confronted the American government and paid a very high price for it. Classified information from Assange’s Wiki Leaks revealed that there is an international conspiracy by American and many Western governments to undermine the development of African countries and keep Africa perpetually under developed so that they can continue to plunder Africa’s rich resources. Yet, even human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Transparency International have remained silent where they are morally bound to speak out. They have continued to turn a blind eye to this crime against humanity by Western governments.

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