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In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “all idealism is falsehood in the face of necessity”, so one needs a self reliant means of livelihood that will enable him to live with dignity and provide the resources that will enable him to meet his basic needs like food, clothing and shelter,  as well as the education that will enable him to develop the skills that will make it possible for him to realize his potentials, find his destiny and fulfill it. Furthermore, one needs to sift his needs from his wants so as not to derail from the spiritual ideal. One never values what he does not desire and consequently does not want it even though he might need it. What a person does not desire can never compel him to want to acquire it or influence him to action. Conversely, what someone desires often compels him to value and want it even to his own detriment. Examples are addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and hard drugs like cocaine and heroine Necessity is bisexual; it is sometimes the mother of invention but is often times the father of desperation. Not meeting one’s needs leads to deprivation and poverty; and rightly has it been said that “destruction of the poor is in their poverty”. Human wants are many and insatiable and wanting more than one needs is greed which leads to vanity; and rightly has it been said that “destruction of the soul is vanity”.  The spiritual and material lives of man cannot be mutually exclusive. Thus, a person who makes a living through honest means grows both materially and spiritually while the person who makes a living through dishonest means like cheating others might grow materially but declines spiritually. A criminal is never happy, karma will catch up with him sooner or later.. One should therefore, sift  his needs from his wants, provide his basic needs to keep body and soul together but he must always keep the spiritual ideal in focus. In order words when someone develops the skills and moral values that will enable him to put his God given talents to good use, they will enable him to fend for himself and point him in the direction that would lead him to his destiny which is God’s plan for his life.

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