The Undisputed Genius of Woman.

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Physically – woman is like the petals of a flower that one day is in full bloom, but the next day is withered.


Mentally – she is like a cat and dog rolled into a chameleon.


Emotionally – she is like a brittle metal with sufficient strength to bear heavy loads, but cracks and breaks under high stress – she lacks resilience


Sexually – woman is like a volcanic mountain that melts and erupts when in heat.

Spiritually – when she makes the connection between the positive terminal or polarity of her nature (her irrational motherly instinct), and her nature’s negative polarity (her devastating instrument of seduction) and passion – lust and hate; she produces her intuitive woman’s instinct which like electric penetrates the most intricate disguises of men. She sees men for what they are.


The genius of woman becomes manifest not when she revolves around the two polarities of her nature, but when she tilts towards either of those two extremes of her nature (when she either loves or hates).  Therein lies the undisputed genius of woman!


The motherly instinct of the mother of the Biblical James and John made her to beg Jesus to assure her not of her’s but for her sons’ seats beside Him in Heaven. Furthermore, the Queen of Sheba used her instrument of seduction to maneuver and bring the wise and powerful King Solomon down on his knees.  Its impossible to have a relationship based on mutual benefit with woman – if you don’t exploit her, she’ll exploit you.


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