Maddest of all Madness

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Wherever the effects of modernity begin to rear its monstrous, ugly head, most men forget how to live in their quest to make a living.  And in this quest to make a living, men undertake a mad rush for the economic, social and political ladder.  People get stuck on that ladder, the result: confusion.  Those who are yet to step on the ladder in frustration try to pull down those who have just stepped on it.  Those who have not gotten far (up the ladder) become stagnated, and suddenly realize that the only way to get farther up is to pull down those at the top.  And those at the top desperately cling tightly unto their holds, while trying to kick down those beneath them, lest they be pushed over,  for their fall is always mighty.  And when these confused men, in their hustle and bustle situation, destroy the ladder, so that those who are on the ladder come crashing down while those who never stepped on it are left without a ladder – they call it Revolution – change of the political and social order.  And the most that can be accomplished by such events is the construction of a new ladder, and hell will be let loose all over again.


Notice that in all the above three cases, they have one thing in common – impulse.  The first is driven by frustration, the second by stagnation and the last by desperation.  No wonder every one claims to be in the right.  Thus the modern man is the driven (by forces, propensities and influences he created but can no longer control), and not the driver.  In one word – the man who makes a living at the expense of knowing how to live is ruled by his destiny, while he who knows how to live (often at the expense of making a living) rules his destiny. He who knows how to live is the real driver.

To make a living at the expense of knowing how to live – that is the maddest of all madness.


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