Paradox between Imagination and Reality.

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That paradox that is inherent between one’s imagination and experience (“reality”) during full consciousness makes life on earth so unbearable. When one’s state of consciousness is altered naturally (through dream or meditation) or artificially (through the chemical, physical or electrical excitation of one’s nervous system, or precisely, neural network) positive or negative imaginary, sensations might overwhelm all conscious responses and interpretations of the senses.       People who in the quest to experience some euphoria through the artificial alteration of their state of consciousness are always tormented when that state lapses to that of full reality, full consciousness. During full consciousness, a well tamed and developed mind can be in full control of one’s sensory inputs, but the mind’s control of sensory inputs diminishes in proportion to the degree of the state of one’s altered consciousness. Unless one visualizes his goal, he shall never get to it. If one sets a certain goal for himself and works towards its attainment at his own pace (though with earnestness) he shall eventually get to it.



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