Vacuum in the Development of African Culture.

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The White Western (Euro-American) man’s presence is so entrenched in the modern black race’s history that it is no longer possible to identify with an autonomous African culture (religion, art, etc.) without lapsing into pre-historic times- the age of inter-tribal wars, the worship of deities solely for the sake of corporeal providence. Such worship of deities bothered around frequent communal feasting and merry-making.


Now, look at these poor American scholars, historians, and “intellectuals” who are struggling to “recover” the original African history, the “unadulterated: culture and religion of “ our people”, each time excavating another bronze or clay mask, an implement of death and war;  trying to disprove the white man’s assertions that Africans are a people without civilization or culture.  What do these “intellectuals” accomplish but swallow the bait of white bigots?  That is judging themselves and other Africans according to Western standards- that is, for the Africans to have a history or past civilization, the western “civilized” man must first be convinced that such a history existed.

The truth of the matter is that the perfection of culture as in every other quest for perfection is arrived at after a sustained series of gradual improvements.  And the Western colonialists have created a vacuum in the development of African culture.  And that vacuum the Western man created when he painted African culture “black”, and the African stopped thinking in terms of improving his own culture, but made that futile attempt to copy and adopt that of Western man, – thus creating a crisis in his own identify.


And that vacuum can be filled not by re-touching ancient African customs and traditions (which the African has always con -founded with culture), but by studying and understanding Western culture, using it to elevate his past culture and incorporating them into the present.  In that way, future perfection of culture (intellectual, art, etc. which is universal in nature) will be assured.


The African has one cultural advantage over the Western man, – he can feel the presence of, and even live his past culture if he so wishes, but the Western man can only learn of his from history books, as well as from the theatre and cinema.  – That is, if either of them can spare, or steal some time from the economic or political system which they are either at war with or enslaved by, respectively or inclusively.


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