Gem of the Eternal.

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Love is the gem of the soul, while lust is the dust of the senses. Affection is the flame of the mind. Like diamond or pure gold, love dazzles for itself. As a diamond reflects the sun’s rays revealing the spectra of its pure light, love radiates the consciousness of God, unfolding the magnificence of His divine grace. And when affection, like a flame burns itself out; lust is like the ashes – the dust it leaves behind.


Thus, like diamond (which has long life), love is forever; like a flame which is short-lived, affection is for the moment; and like ashes, lust (being the dust that it is) is for the dust bin.The soul is the seat of a man’s consciousness, the mind, the seat of his emotions, while the senses constitute the root of his passions.


The degree of love a soul posses is the true measure of its purity, – its true worth in the eyes of the Divine. Love is the gem of the eternal.


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