Freedom Verses.

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Capitalist Minded Socialists

They say no matter how long you bathe a pig

A pig gonna always be a pig

This, they’ve used as a myth for so long

We’re fed up and were gonna prove them wrong.3


I took a trip to Ratnapura Sri Lanka

Saw a man weeping for his estate

He moved in a rhythm, but wasn’t dancing to some ska

His tears ran like a stream as he pondered his fate.


The peasants cheered in support of the revolution

In their hearts, they thought they’d found a solution

Many vowed they’d never again work with a fork-lift

Little did they know the whole thing was just a face lift.


The land was shared among the poor each day

But was back in the hands of the rich by night

Why own land, when they could drink todi with their pay

Oh what a shame, many were killed in the fight.


Now back to square one

Where had the people’s cause gone

Power taken from the blood sucking capitalists

By the capitalist minded socialists.


Broken Inside

Hey take your digger

Dig your own grave

Wanna get bigger

Make me your slave

Gold digging all my life

Gotta feed my kids and wife

Good God it glitters

But my inside’s broken is splinters


It glitters but it ain’t gold

Scared, doing what I’m told.

One Zulu, his blood down under

His Shona sister spark like thunder.


One guy, him a tribesman

Him brother, them call a bigman

Different ideology, face same trouble

Remain divided, or face same struggle.


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