The Soul Mates.

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Chief Okafor was confronted by that inner conflict within every man: the eternal struggle between right and wrong, as well as good and evil. It is a conflict that compels every man to take sides. It compels him to either heed his conscience, submerge his ego and become spiritually conscious, or to surrender to his ego, suppress his conscience and become a miscreant who is spiritually dead. Chief Okafor’s inability to resolve that inner crisis made him to look for ways and means to escape reality. He drifted away from reality and lapsed into a dream world. He began to dread the future. He often visualized his dream for his son. He had wanted his son to be someone he could be proud of. He wanted Nnanna to have a respectable job, a presentable wife and an exalted position in society. But the image of Nnanna as a singer refused to be shaken off his mind’s eye. It haunted him in his dreams until it whipped him back into reality. His son had chosen who he wanted to be regardless of whom or what he wanted his son to be. Nnanna had taken on his father in a test of wills and won. It became increasingly clear to Nnanna’s father that he had hung on too long to his baton and that success without a successor is failure. He was becoming worn out and his strength was no longer a match to the youthful energy of his fellow competitors whose forebears had handed over their batons to.

It now dawned on him that it was now a matter of “when would he drop out of the rat race”? It was a question he did not know the answer to. The fear of the unknown broke his will and drove him from the bright territory of hope into the dark abyss of hopelessness. Janet thus wrecked her husband’s ego and killed her husband’s hope; and life without hope is worse than death. Nnanna’s independent spirit like a wild wind blew against the big tree whose roots had been severed from underground by Janet and shook it. Chief Okafor’s broken spirit resulted in high blood pressure.

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