The Bane of the Modern Soul.

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With a silent conscience, and an unfeeling and redundant soul, the modern man is but a reliable but disposable component of the machinery of government and modernity.  A component can operate harmoniously with another if they are efficiently assembled and energized.  Then each component is “just great”!  But as soon as wear or failure sets in, it is removed and replaced.  It is then duly discarded for it is now “useless” and “worthless”.


The component’s dilemma – It was designed to be part of and not a whole machine.  Just as a component has to be lubricated to ensure its smooth operation, the modern man has to receive a wage to keep him in good working condition.  He makes a living, but is he really living?

When it comes to passion, to emotion, to sharing, to health of the mind the modern soul is destitute.  That is why his close and inter-personal relationships sooner or later meet disaster.  What good is a relationship if there is no emotional or spiritual bond or involvement?  If the modern soul is separated from his work or dominant preoccupation, he becomes lost, ineffectual and even suicidal.  And in the quest to fill the emptiness within him he employs the services of psychiatrists, psychologists, drug peddlers and religion.  He becomes sensual.


Man liberate yourself from your society or environment –know yourself!

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