Entrenched View Points.

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The genuine philosophical mind metamorphoses gradually until his ideas begin to become conjoined with the eternal. Then his thoughts become definite, formidable and often law. But for him to grow to that stage he must have all the while divorced himself from all those views, values, tastes, norms, and ethos of society, race or creed which are incorporated into the instincts without being weighed. The individual seldom understands the common psyche of the many. That which he sees as truth (which often takes the thinkers many years to realize) he expects the mass of men to imbibe instantly. Men’s interpretations of experiences are based on information previously stored in their memory. To give up their lives’ view-point entrenched by tradition, religion, history, idolatory of race or nationality, and expediency? All they have clung to all these years without reason – to give them up for some reason (to use the phrase of Frederick Nietzsche). And most of them have past their formative years! In that case, what would the new teachings (it’s being logical and revealing not withstanding) serve if irrationally accepted, but to create a psychological vacuum which can never be filled. And this has been the bane of “learned men” in all climes and times – they fill their heads with what they cannot relate to.


Were it not for the fact that all view points which are not in line with the eternal natural and supernatural laws of life and existence eventually cripple and destroy the culprits, it would have been my recommendation that even genuine teachings which contradict a people’s or nation’s established view points on life, be rejected; at least to save a given mass of men self-inflicted confusion. And this little error has ever remained a grain of dirt which has remained hidden in the inestimable dazzling heaps of gem which philosophical thinkers and men of the spirit have bequeathed on posterity in all climes and ages.

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