Virus of Our Sick Society

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Contrary to general opinion, prostitutes are not the cause of immorality and decadence in decayed communities, societies or nations. They represent a supply for an already existing demand. Our institutions (educational, religious and cultural) with their “learned” and “righteous” members, as well as our authorities (government, judiciary and legislature) with their “honourable, “distinguished’ and reputable members are collectively, not only the principal cause of decadence and decay, but the father of their accompanying progeny – immorality. The prostitutes are mere symptoms of immorality. Our present authorities and institutions are the modern day scribes and Pharisees.


Collectively, the modern Pharisees constitute the virus of our sick society and age, and as I have already mentioned, the prostitutes represent one of the symptoms.  Every discerning eye sees that basic truth, the prostitutes know it by experience. No wonder, the master, two thousand years ago told the scribes and Pharisees of old quite bluntly, – “prostitutes will be there before you”!

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