The Soul Mates.

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When someone recognizes and admits his wrongdoing, broken fenses are soon mended and things are once more put back in place. When someone however, persistently refuses to recognize or admit his guilt, things continue to fall apart until the center can no longer hold. This happens especially when that person deliberately pursues a systematic policy of deceit so as to cover up his tracks. Nnanna’s father refused to take responsibility for the unpleasant consequences of his misdeeds. He used Nnanna as a scape goat that he could shift the blame to. There was no code of conduct in Chief Okafor’s household, so there were frequent break down of law and order. There were no sanctions so every one got away with their wrong doings. He lacked the moral authority to bring about justice, and the moral courage to admit his guilt. For it is only when a man sees a problem clearly and admits it that he can have the moral courage to confront it and the moral clout to correct others

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