Know Yourself.

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(i) Know Who You Are (develop a sense of identity): Identify with the universal brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. Every person in creation is a unique being with a destiny in life that he should discover and fulfil. He should be conscious of the goal of life which is self discovery and the purpose of life which is self realisation. His consciousness must consist of characteristics that differentiate him from every other person. This sense of identity gives him a unique and indepdent existence; since in the words of the Buddha, “nothing that is relative can have a real existence”. For instance, an object from a set of similar objects loses its identity if nothing differenciates it from the others. The necessity of this sense of identity is evident in the fact that no two things in nature or creation are exactly alike. Whoever uses his group identity (what he is) as his personal identity (who he is) has misplaced his real identity. Thus, whoever sees himself a/an (i.e. identifies himself as what he is by virtue of his belonging to a group, race, professon, status, etc) will have his self perception fluctuate according to the varying opinions of others and consequently cannot have a real existence. Stella Obasango despite occupying the exalted position of Nigeria’s first lady, suffered low self dignity that compelled her to measure her self worth according to the fluctuating opinions of people who socially, were regarded as her inferiors. She looked her face in the mirror and saw “defects” which were not as a result of genetic malformations but were due to her perceived flawed self image and decided to correct those defects by the cosmetic surgery that terminated her life. Similarly, the legendary king of Pop music, Michael Jackson altered certain features of his face through cosmetic surgery. This gave him a new facial look but created endemic problems for him later in life. It is believed that consequently, his nose caved in and he became dependent on pain killers for the rest of his life. A person who discovers himself realises that he is a master piece that is unique and was personally created by God who is the artist supreme and what He created cannot be anything but perfect.


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