Nigeria Is a Crowd.

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Nigeria is a crowd: it consists of over 250 non-homogeneous ethnic groups with parallel interests and divergent goals that do not share a common destiny. Those diverse ethnic groups came together by chance occasioned by the amalgamation of 1914 by the British colonialists. Nigerian rulers are usually people with selfish interests who work against the common good and public interest (excluding of course a few like Muritala Muhammed and Tunde Idiagbon ). Nigerian rulers have usually lacked the character, personal development, integrated personality, global awareness and sense of purpose that can motivate their subordinates to develop team spirit, work for the common good and inspire Nigerians to become patriotic and united. You can legislate for people and commit the most stringent laws to the letter but you cannot legislate for conscience, common sense and integrity which are eternally aligned with the principle of natural justice, equity and fair play which activate the spirit of the law. It is the spirit which drives the ideas and policies that determine the quality of implementation. The right policies would be wrongly implemented by people with wrong motives. It is by upholding the spirit of the law and not necessarily the letter of the law that ensures equity and justice.

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