Human Robots

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In the contemporary Western (Euro-American) man, there exists a herd mentality in the individual though he lives in a society that has room only for the individual.  This is the root of the contradiction that has created a disharmony, an imbalance in the Western soul.  He arrogates to himself  the extraordinary collective accomplishments of his race over a period of about two thousand years but is confronted by the reality which belonging in an environment in which only the fittest survives presents. “Every man for himself” – that is the rule.  He belongs to the “now generation”.  Thus, the contemporary Western society is filled mostly with a mass of energetic physical human robots as well as an elite class of human mental and thinking machines.


The ultimate task of the modern Western man is to EXECUTE, to PRODUCE.  A computer best describes the Western system:


Operator/designer : Quest for wealth, Recognition and Power, Ambition.

Software          : The mentally gifted and creative minds.


Hardware         : The masses, workers, politicians, and pedant scholars.


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