Estranged From the Development Process.

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The masses of the gifted nations, peoples and races are ever conceited about “their greatness”, as if they were among the architects of the ingenuity and creative genius that gave rise to such greatness. A few gifted individuals with exceptional creative genius (products of divine providence and mysteries which pass for accidents) rise amongst a people, nation or race (not without discouragements from their contemporaries), and as soon as their works bear fruits, the masses – the mob arrogates to themselves glories given rise to by such works.


The masses cannot create; they can only destroy, or at best assemble or compute. But they sure are beginning to receive their pound of flesh in “their great nations”, – computers and robots are now taking over their “contributions” to “civilization”. And now that the human herd is being estranged from the development process, is it not probable that she would eventually be driven into becoming human beasts, thereby actualizing what she knows how best to do – destruction? It does not matter whether one is a disillusioned peasant, frustrated proletarian, power-drunk politician, or scholar over laden with degrees and doctorates, or glued to professorial chairs, as long as one cannot create, he destroys. The peasant may ravage farm lands over the slightest land or border dispute, the proletarian may burn down monuments and landmarks over an industrial dispute, the politician may lead his nation to war over an egocentric power tussle, and the scholar stands in the way of in-coming art and culture as well as destroying already established ones in his quest for recognition.

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