Freedom Verses

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Who is Uncle Sam?

Who is this Uncle Sam?

Someone please tell me

Got my brothers in a jam

Lord, they ought to see!


How he got my black brothers

Of all the evils they experience

Yet they don’t seem to bother

See, these racists ain’t got no conscience.


Register for the draft, the law is final

Spill your blood for the multinationals

Not for yourself, your blood is water

Invade EI Salvador, forget Vietnam it no longer matters.


Our interests are at stake

Our national security is at stake

The communists are on the loose

Well capitalists what am I to lose

Stop this we stuff right here

Cause I ain’t got no factories down there.


American Illusion

He came here

In search of the American dream

Not the slightest fear

Sure was full of steam.


Across the Atlantic ocean

Risking the Pirate’s den

In search of liberation

His nightmares up till then

Were turning into sweet dreams.


Hit the coasts of Florida

Miles from the “hell” of Cuba

Roaming the streets of Miami

There was no job he could see

Did get one at last

But was worked like an ass.


His dreams turned to nightmares

God, what an American illusion

Saved he enough for a plane fare

Headed home ward bound over the ocean.


I pity the poor immigrant

For he’ll eat the Big Apple of wrath.


Garbage Search

Hungry in a land of milk and honey

Searching through the garbage

For bottles to sell for money

My frozen fingers tied up my baggage.


Arrogant Ignorance

Capitalism ’s graveyard is awareness

Shall selfishness survive generosity

Is a bird’s freedom leaving her chicks’ nest

Braveness ain’t filling a toilet wall with grafiti.


Is there ‘”democracy” in the United States

Whose survival is based on ignorance

A few determine most people’s fates

Clinging to ignorance with arrogance.



Ronnie perish with your nuclear rockets

Your old friends Breznev and Andropov kicked the bucket

People like you out lived their usefulness

For you survival depends on fitness.


Master of Terror

Industrialized countries are so organized

‘Cause the people’s mind’ve been well re-arranged.


Russian sabotage of communism

Draws protests from Marx’s grave

Western Bourgeois Capitalism


Makes workers its slave.

The Kremlin is a house of traitors

Uncle Sam is a master of terror.


Stream of Tears

Angel of the Fleetin’ streets

Pearl by the unending high ways

Slave of the changeful fashions

Princess with the flashin’ eye lashes.


Ever bled by society’s tongue

And rebuked by moral hypocrites

Thou art flattered by the whistles

For thou dreadeth dishonour.

When ye suite the lusts of men

Thine loneliness reaches its high

And when thou regardeth thy future

The tears flow in their streams.


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