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Most of the problems presently facing Africa, the “third world”, the industrialized countries, Euro-America as well as Eastern Europe are due to mental bondage and spiritual contamination.

Until humanity anchors its quest for salvation and well-being (both to one’s self and to others) on the fashioning of man’s inner self (the spiritual core and inner essence of man) through self discipline and mutual love for one another, his external structures (economic, political, social and religious) will continue to undergo decay and disintegration, as well as continue to drift (spiritually) on the turbulent ocean of maya.

It is this conflict between the “inner” and “outer” man which has created a vacuum often filled by general insecurity, distrust, disharmony and lack of peace of mind which presently afflict the modern man. For it is only when the spiritual growth of man matches his material development that he can begin to regard himself as truly civilized (either individually or collectively). The monstrous forces which have broken loose in today’s modern world are clear manifestations of the inner contradictions and psychological imbalance of the ‘modern soul”, as he gropes in religious and materialistic blindness in a modern world bereft of spiritual guide posts. There is a natural pattern to life, but the modern man in his hustle and bustle ignores it to his own peril. He will continue to find himself in this dilemma until he learns the inevitable and immutable (usually through the hard way), – that the spiritual and material aspects of man’s life (his individual or collective social, economic, political, religious lives, etc.) cannot be mutually exclusive. That man cannot live well unless he lives in harmony with the forces and laws of nature. Only when he integrates into the life-stream, the cosmic scheme of things can he resolve the bitter tension between self and society – the one and the many, as well as realize the purpose of life.


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