Nigerians Suffer a Double Tragedy.

Presently, Igbos lack a sense of collective responsibility: This social vice is echoed by an Igbo proverb which says that “a goat that is fed by the whole community usually starves to death”

Many Igbos have become very self centred and selfish. When another person is affected, their position is usually that the person affected should let go of his right or what is due to him and sacrifice justice for “peace to reign”, but when they are directly affected, they will demand for their right or what is due to them and insist that justice be done no matter whose ox is gored. This has resulted in a “tragedy of the commons” where there are no longer any regulations; the person who complies with the law suffers while the law breaker profits. Nigerians suffer a double tragedy, there are no longer social norms and values that can call people with deviant and anti social behavior to order and there is no rule of law that con subject lawless people to the law and bring them to justice. In Nigeria, anything goes and everything has its price. Whoever has the money can buy his way through any situation or circumstance. Injustice has become so endemic and wide spread in virtually every Igbo society that people try to survive by belonging to different cliques or secret cults. If one gets involved in a dispute, members of his clique come to his rescue and support him regardless of whether he is right or wrong. Igbo elders often lack integrity and common sense and usually turn a blind eye to these ugly developments.





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