Month: January 2017

The Soul Mates

Mrs. Janet Okafor, Nnanna’s mother was the domineering type. She was a medium size built woman with a round face. She was inherently evil and strong willed. John Okafor her husband was raised by his mother. His father had died soon after he was born. He did not grow up under the influence of a …

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Djscover Your Self

One who discovers himself no longer compares himself to others or lives up to other people’s expectations. He doesn’t envy others or measure hs self worth according to other people’s standards. When a man knows and becomes himself he will develop qualities like high self esteem, self respect, contentment, etc., that will change his mind …

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A Major Mistake

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, the great Zik, sat on the fence and watched the ill fated struggle of the Biafran people probably because he felt that his personal glory was not worth staking for the destiny of his people. Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi, even while in exile in Cote d’ Voire was the symbol …

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Freedom Verses

Stream of Tears Angel of the Fleetin’ streets Pearl by the unending high ways Slave of the changeful fashions Princess with the flashin’ eye lashes. Ever bled by society’s tongue And rebuked by moral hypocrites Thou art flattered by the whistles For thou dreadeth dishonour. 4 When ye suite the lusts of men Thine loneliness …

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African Progress

For Africa to progress, either or both persuasion and coercion should raise the consciousness of Africans by a visionary leadership that transcends tribal loyalties.  At the present stage, the average African understands only force.  If application of force succeeds, persuasion should follow, since continued coercion would backfire.  A relentless, even rhetorical campaign should be carried …

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The soul mates

CHAPTER ONE   The sun crept in from the cloudy skies and its radiance lightened up the foggy climate around the old Eastern House of Assembly in the coal city of Enugu. The statue of the great Zik stared at a huge garbage dump that housed a thousand and one rats. The stench from the …

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The Generation Gap

The generation gap has asserted itself where morality and the attitude of the young Nigerians’ generation are concerned.  In times of old, one was required by communities and elders to obey, it was bad manners to seek to understand the motives behind such orders, advice etc.  This manner of determining communal norms and values was …

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v Arrogant Ignorance Capitalism ’s graveyard is awareness Shall selfishness survive generosity Is a bird’s freedom leaving her chicks’ nest Braveness ain’t filling a toilet wall with grafiti.   Is there ‘”democracy” in the United States Whose survival is based on ignorance A few determine most people’s fates Clinging to ignorance with arrogance.

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