• Introduction

Chapter 1:   A Brief History: The Making and Breaking of Biafra.

Chapter 2:   Leadership Vacuum

Chapter 3:   From Social Vices to Political Problems

Chapter 4:   The Way Forward


The agitation for the actualisation of Biafra is an impulsive reaction from activists that are mostly of Igbo extraction, to the glaring social injustice in Nigeria and marginalisation of the people of the South Eastern and South Southern parts of Nigeria. The struggle has however shifted from action to sentiment and propaganda. Groups like the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), led by Ralph Uwazurike that are agitating for self determination for the people of the South Eastern part of Nigeria have failed to adopt either or both of the two conventional lines of action that can lead to the realization of that objective. The two lines of action are secession through war, or a formal request for independence by diplomacy through the United Nations General Assembly backed by protests.

Rightly has it been said that what has been taken by force can only be recovered by force. But then, would the Igbos be ready to fight another war if diplomacy fails? Have they recovered from the shock of losing the Nigeria – Biafra civil War. If war is considered an option, activists should take a queue from the world’s greatest revolutionary, Che Guvera who went underground for years, acquired arsenal and manpower, and devised military strategies before emerging to liberate South American countries like Cuba and Chile from the iron claws of Spanish colonialists. Liberation, movements like the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) which was led by Yassar Arafat; African National Congress (ANC) led by notable figures like Oliver Tambo and the immortal Nelson Mandela; as well as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) led by John Garang adopted and carried out either or both of the above mentioned lines of action. Other groups like the Saharawi People’s Republic from Southern Morocco are towing the same line. The PLO succeeded in having the United Nations pass a resolution granting the Palestinian people self rule; but Israel which is backed by her ally the United States of America has refused to comply with that resolution. This non compliance with that United Nations resolution by Israel has led to underground armed struggle by “militant” groups like HAMAS and wide spread civil disobedience through mass protests by Palestinian youths and children. The Jews who were the victims of the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity in Europe were forcibly settled on Palestinian land in 1948 by the British after forcing out many Palestinians from their homes and land. Groups like MASSOB who evidently do not mobilise or carry most Igbos along, not to speak of other ethnic groups in the South – South should wake up and face reality – freedom is not free. One must pay the price for freedom to be free.

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