• Introduction

The Principles of Righteous Living

Chapter 1:   Spiritual Consciousness: Personal Development

(Develop as an Individual)

  • Know Who You Are (Develop a Sense of Identity)
  • Know Where You Are (Develop a Sense of Being)
  • Know Why You Are Here (Develop a Sense of Purpose)
  • Know Why You Are Going from Here (Develop a Sense of Destiny)

Chapter 2:   Social Awareness: Establish a Relationship between Personal Development and Your Society (The World Around You)

Chapter 3:   Political Consciousness: Become Politically Conscious and Fight for Social Justice.


We live in a modern world where many have lost their sense of identity, purpose and destiny. It is a world without spiritual guide posts and many now grope in religious and materialistic blindness; often resulting in decayed and decadent societies with broken moral fibre and torn social fabrics. This is evident in many American and Western European cities where many families are in disarray and many youths are battling with identity crisis and personality conflicts. The human herd is being swept along by the tides of public opinion that drive them into false living, hypocrisy distorted values, immorality and short sighted conformity to vain societal conventions that put them in strait jackets and chains. Truth often becomes the exception while falsehood becomes the rule. People are seldom guided by conscience, principle or reason but are propelled by the quest for sense gratification and conflicting materialistic and sensual desires as well as primitive drives like greed, avarice, inordinate ambition, compulsive sex, quest for power, etc., that drive people against one another. Many traumatised people, especially youths vent their anger and frustrations by unleashing violence on society through criminal acts like murder and armed robbery. Many Western European youths sneak across borders to join the ranks of ISIS (Islami State of Iraq and Syria) who are trying to use Islamic religious fundamentalism and terror to impose their founder’s subjective outlook on life on the rest of humanity, and have been committing unspeakable crime against humanity.

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