The Lonesome Voice

The black African (both at home and in the Diaspora) has become a confused man since he lost touch with his past culture and history (which has been painted “black” by Christianity as well as Euro-American psychological warfare and propaganda).  As a result, he has fallen materially (economically, socially, politically, religiously) out of place with the sophisticated global machinery of the present day’s modernity.  He has also become spiritually out of tune and out of harmony with the subtle melodious symphony and timeless orchestrations of eternity.  He now fights everything that is of and for himself, in one word, he refuses to co-operate, even in his own interest.  He suffers a personality crisis and a negative and dented self image which he projects on all that are of his own (his own kind).  Very spiteful and always looking for who to blame for his self inflicted problems. In the words of Shakespeare, “Brutus at war with himself cannot be at peace with his fellow man”.

The Semitic and Islamic peoples of the world are today facing the irony of finding themselves caged in a modern zoo where their leaders are faced with the impossible task of attempting to solve the recurring decimal of salvaging archaic, cracking and collapsing religious ideals with new dogmas, which they use as reinforcement and support. For instance, the Zionists using the Bible which was written many centuries ago as their authentic evidence and claim of the Palestinian’s homeland which the Jewish people annexed in 1948 with the connivance of the British Imperialists, and in which the Palestinians and their ancestors have been living on for many centuries.  Can you imagine erstwhile Israeli prime minister, Menakim Begin, whose Stern Gang blew up the Camp David Hotel quoting the Bible and referring to Yassar Arafat and members of his P.L.O as terrorists.  Another instance is the hypocritical manner in which present day Moslems covertly indulge in the trapping of Euro-American modernity that they publicly denounce.  They also engage in concerted efforts to avoid the discontents and negative forces which have broken loose in the “developed” Euro-American societies, while at the same time engage in economic and political alliances with the same Euro-American governments.

The Caribbean, Central and South (“Latin”) American is feeling the impact of living in big, old, Uncle Sam’s back yard (territories which Uncle Sam claims to be in the “United States of America’s sphere of influence).  Uncle Sam is always sticking and poking his pointed red nose into the Caribbean and “Latin” American man’s already battered ass.  Uncle Sam, who is the Master of terror often shoves his expansionist motivated idea down the Caribbean and “Latin” American man’s choking throat. He dictates who is a terrorist or freedom fighter, as well as which governments are democratic or authoritarian. He also dictates which regimes abuse the fundamental human rights of its citizens, thanks to Amnesty International and other Human right organizations,

The spiritual dilemma facing the Euro-American man who has developed to sheer capitalist robots and computers, (which is often reflected in his high emotional stress levels resulting in a widespread state of anxiety) is because his material development has dwarfed his spiritual growth.  The “developed” Euro-American man has severed his link with the life stream of cosmic spiritual reality owing to extreme materialism. As a result, his moral values have shrunk to a shallow, stagnant and often stinking pond of ethical norms and utilitarianism- exploitative and negative nationalistic tendencies at the expense of global peace and harmonious co-existence.  The Euro–American man has crucified his humanism on mount capitalism. The white race is a people without a soul.

The same Uncle Sam is always after Fidel Castro of Cuba’s innocent neck, the master of terror has also strangled the hell out of Michael Manley of Jamaica, Noriega of Panama, to name but a few.  With Uncle Sam’s awesome economic power, his super power status, as well as his gun-boat diplomatic approach to international affairs, he has arrogated himself the position of self imposed police man of not only the Caribbean and “Latin” American regions, but that of the entire globe. He is always wielding the U.S.A’s veto power as one of the “big five” permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. One marvels at the white man’s smugness and arrogance-imagine some bunch of bleached skinned creatures, – red-nosed honkies, red-necks parading themselves as the police men of the world, while carrying out relentless campaigns of terror, global genocide and international terrorism.

The Indian and Oriental peoples of the world are riding in their single lane, single-minded out look on life.  For instance, the Japanese kamikaze suicide bombing activities.  But the same area of the world has bestowed humanity with most of the greatest philosophical and spiritual legacies of all time.

The peoples of the former Soviet block as well as those of Eastern Europe are presently undergoing the shock of a rude awakening from the nightmare and horror of attempting to sacrifice the individual at the altar of the many, -the mob: with the Marxist Leninist ideological weapon of communism.  An attempt to effect a leveling process- to bring the mountain on par with the valley (since the valley cannot be propped up to the height of the mountain).  The Iron curtain and Berlin wall have been pulled down, the Russian bear has been caged, now Hitler’s chained Aryan “blonde bestie” (blonde beast) is loose once more in Germany and Eastern Europe. There is Neo-Nazism in Germany, as well as ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Ethic cleansing is the genocidal massacre of large groups of people with mixed racial heritage by an ethnic group which claims it wants its genetic type and identify “unadulterated” and “unpolluted” through inter-ethnic or inter-racial assimilation.


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