To Encourage youths to look inwards, discover and awaken the dormant potentials within them; develop them so that they can become conscious, positive and creative.

To encourage people of African descent (both at home and in the diaspora) to embrace black consciousness so that they can become aware of their past history and culture. 

To seek an exchange of information and experiences both from within and without, as they touch and affects us all

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Freedom Verses is a book of poems which covers a wide spectrum of issues ranging from black consciousness to the universal brotherhood of man; that focus on and echoes the message of freedom.


Teaches that the outer chaos in the lives of people is a reflection of the inner crisis within them. It is when a man encounters experiences that can change his mind set and transforms himself from within that he can be in a position to advocate social change.


Is a Dispassionate discernment of events taking place both around and within the author. It echoes a middle-of-the-road kind of philosophy which blows across the political, racial and economic divide


A story of two human bodies animated by two entangled souls that were bonded together as one by love. They were faced with the irony of deciding which body should be sacrificed for the mutual liberation of their souls.

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